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Sleep Has Her House
Sleep Has Her House
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Sleep Has Her House

Digital Download

90 minutes    1080p file    5.1 surround sound

Your download link will be in a PDF that will be sent to your email inbox immediately after purchase. The film will be yours to keep permanently.

Please note that due to the large file size, a good internet connection is required, and downloads should only be started on a computer, and not on a mobile device.

The file is in MP4 format. Please use an application such as Quicktime Player or VLC Media Player for playback.


Digital Downloads

Awaiting Body
Short Film Soundtracks
24bit WAV format

Sleep Has Her House (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Scott Barley
Sleep Has Her House
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
24bit WAV format

Sleep Has Her House

Blu-ray + Book package
First Edition
Limited Edition /200 copies

As of April 21st 2021, Individual copies are sold out.

Blu-ray Disc
Eco-friendly silk printed disc artwork

Sleep Has Her House
Digitally remastered video and sound
90 minutes    1.32:1    1080p    5.1 Dolby Digital    Region Free

Special Features

Short films
Hinterlands (2016)
Womb (2017)
All short films digitally remastered

Deleted Sequences

Every effort has been made to ensure that this product utilises plastic alternatives, recycled materials, and minimal packaging wherever possible.

All copies signed by Scott Barley

Perfect bound softback made with recycled materials

Scott Barley In The Kingdom of Noumena
Foreword by Nicole Brenez

On Darkness
by Scott Barley

Revolutions of the Digital: Sleep Has Her House
by James Slaymaker

Darkling Vigil
by Maximilian Le Cain

Painting with Numbers: The Fine Art of Digital Chronophotography
by Greg Hainge

The Earth Died Screaming: Reflections on Sleep Has Her House
by Daniel & Clara

The World Without Us / The World With Us
by Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn

Feel–thinking Sleep Has Her House
by Kevin John Bozelka

A Horizon, Under Nightfall  
by Scott Barley

Additional information

All pre-orders of Sleep Has Her House Blu-Ray + Book (First Edition /200 copies) have been shipped (September 2021). Shipments to the US, Canada, Australia, and Asia will usually take 1–2 weeks, but in rare cases may take longer. Due to ongoing delivery issues, shipments from the UK to Europe may take up to 4–8 weeks to arrive. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Future shipments: If you change address after ordering, please send an email as soon as possible with your new address details. You can do this by clicking the mail icon in the top right corner of this webpage. While changes to delivery address cannot be guaranteed, the sooner an updated postal address is sent via email, the more feasible it is to rectify before shipment. Thank you.

The Sleep Has Her House Blu-Ray has been produced at the highest possible data rate (bitrate/second) that 1080p Blu-Ray discs and Blu-Ray players allow. This is to ensure that both the image and audio is as high quality as possible. In rare cases, Blu-Ray players (particularly early models) may stop during playback, or not play the disc at all due to the high data rate. To ensure compatibility and seamless playback, please ensure that your Blu-Ray player is running the latest firmware update.

All Sleep Has Her House Blu-Ray discs are tested for quality assurance purposes before being shipped. If you do find an issue with your disc, please ensure that your Blu-Ray is running the latest firmware update. If this does not resolve your issue, please get in touch via email by clicking the mail icon in the top right corner of this webpage. All Sleep Has Her House Blu-Ray discs are Region Free and will play on your Blu-Ray player regardless of your geo-location.

SONY Playstation consoles are unable to play the Sleep Has Her House Blu-Ray disc due to the narrow video and audio codecs they accept and their specific DRM (Digital Rights Management). Please play the Blu-Ray disc only via a dedicated Blu-Ray player.


300dpi high quality posters print on premium white satin paper.
Frame not included.

Sleep Has Her House



300dpi high quality print on A4 premium satin paper, against a dark grey background.

All prints are signed by the artist.
Frame not included.

Each print is numbered.
Please select the number of the print you wish to purchase from the dropdown menu.









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