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Sleep Has Her House


Region free Blu-ray (A/B/C)

Edition of 500
Available Now
Ships in 3-5 working days
Please allow up to 30 days for delivery

Sleep Has Her House
Digitally remastered video and sound
90 minutes    1.33:1 aspect ratio    1080p    5.1 Dolby Digital    
with Scene Selection

Sleep Has Her House signed artwork print
Unique print of a frame from the film, signed by Scott Barley
Dimensions: 12 x 15 cm

Short films

Hinterlands (2016)
Digitally remastered video and sound
7 minutes    1.33:1 aspect ratio    1080p    5.1 Dolby Digital    

Womb (2017)
Digitally remastered video and sound
16 minutes    2.13:1 aspect ratio    1080p    5.1 Dolby Digital    


Deleted Sequences
Individual purchases are for personal home video use only.

Institutional purchases permit an educational or non-profit institution to exhibit the films on this Blu-Ray to groups of 100 or fewer individuals where admission is not charged. The term of the public performance license is for the life of the Blu-Ray disc.

If you intend to charge any admission fee, or present the work for exhibiton, or expect an audience over 100, or publicly advertise the screening, please contact Scott Barley regarding an exhibition fee.

This can be done via email here ︎

These rights do not entitle any institution to digitise these files and make them available for streaming or download.

Packaging design TBC and subject to change. Shipping address cannot be changed after order. Sleep Has Her House Blu-ray has been encoded at the highest possible data rate to ensure the highest audio-visual fidelity possible. Please ensure your Blu-ray player has the latest firmware installed, and/or ensure you use a compatible Region Free Blu-ray player for seamless playback. Blu-Ray will not play on PlayStation® consoles due to SONY DRM. Please only use a dedicated Blu-Ray player. We always aim to ensure that orders are sent out as quickly as possible, but sometimes it can take a little longer than usual. Please do not query non-receipt until 28 days after the date the order was placed. All Sleep Has Her House Blu-Ray discs are Region Free and will play on your Blu-Ray player regardless of your geo-location.

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