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Sleep Has Her House
Limited Edition Blu-Ray
with signed artwork
500 copies

Now available | Buy now

Sleep Has Her House

Animist Bodies Cycle:
Escola Das Artes, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto

October 31st 2023

Sleep Has Her House
at 23rd New Horizons International Film Festival, with filmmaker Q&A

New Horizons International Film Festival, Wrocław, Poland
July 22nd, 25th (with Q&A)  & 26th (with Q&A)

Fluctuating layers: Scott Barley’s Sleep Has Her House and Simondon’s philosophy of individuation
by Kaya Turan

Screen, Volume 64, Issue 2, Summer 2023

We Will Have to Find ‘La Vie’:
Anthology for Jean-Luc Godard

Tributes from filmmakers, Peter Tscherkassky, José Luis Guerin, Scott Barley, Jacques Perconte, James Benning, Eric Baudelaire, Nicolas Klotz, Eric Hurtado, Gérard Courant, Eve Heller, et al.
Edited by Nicole Brenez

Hors champ, May–June 2023

Documentaries in the Age of the Apocalypse: 
When the Levees Broke, Lessons of Darkness, Leviathan, Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, Sleep Has Her House and Koyaanisqatsi
by Justine Smith

POV Magazine, June 2023

Stavanger Secession
Curators, Pierre-Alexandre Mateos & Charles Teyssou and Scott Barley discuss his filmography through the lens of Norwegian Dark Romanticism

Kunstmuseum Stavanger, Norway
June 22nd – 25th 2023

Sleep Has Her House
+ discussion with Borja Castillejo Calvo

Cineteca Madrid
June 24th 2023

Beyond the Remodernist Manifesto: Investigating the Cinemas of British Islands
by Borja Castillejo Calvo

Revoluciones Audiovisuales, Spain
June 12th 2023

Climate of Cinema:
Isle, the Planet and Postcontact Zone

MoCA Busan, South Korea
6 Apr – 6 Aug 2023

Air / Melting into Air
QAGOMA, Queensland, Australia  
26 Nov 2022 – 23 Apr 2023

Sleep Has Her House
Best of Spectacle 2023

Spectacle Theater
New York, USA

Jan 6, Jan 19 & Jan 29 2023

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