Sleep Has Her House

Blu-ray + Book package
Limited Edition / 200 copies

Blu-ray Disc

Sleep Has Her House
Digitally remastered video and sound
90 minutes    1.32:1    1080p    5.1 Dolby Digital    Region Free

Special Features

Short films
Hinterlands (2016)
Womb (2017)
All short films digitally remastered

Deleted Sequences

Every effort has been made to ensure that this product utilises plastic alternatives, recycled materials, and minimal packaging wherever possible.

All copies are signed by Scott Barley.
Pre-orders will be shipped by August 2021


Scott Barley In The Kingdom of Noumena
Foreword by Nicole Brenez

On Darkness
by Scott Barley

Revolutions of the Digital: Sleep Has Her House
by James Slaymaker

Darkling Vigil
by Maximilian Le Cain

Painting with Numbers: The Fine Art of Digital Chronophotography
by Greg Hainge

The Earth Died Screaming: Reflections on Sleep Has Her House
by Daniel & Clara

The World Without Us / The World With Us
by Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn

Feel–thinking Sleep Has Her House
by Kevin John Bozelka

A Horizon, Under Nightfall  
by Scott Barley